“The Epic Adventures of Chandrini Yogini” is a book series about a young woman’s yoga adventures around the world. The mission of this series is to instill courage and self-belief in young readers, of all backgrounds, and urges them to follow their dreams and explore the world fearlessly. As readers discover different destinations and cultures with Chandrini Yogini, they open their mind to endless possibilities, with just a flip of a page!

Chandrini Yogini Goes to India!


“The Epic Adventures of Chandrini Yogini” is a seven book yoga adventure series, which aims to instill courage and self-belief in young readers of all backgrounds. This series urges readers to follow their dreams and explore the world fearlessly! As readers discover different destinations and cultures with Chandrini Yogini, they open their mind to the endless possibilities, by just a flip of a page.

During these adventures, readers learn about Chandrini Yogini’s yoga practice, as well as meditation and cultural traditions. Each book features a new destination that highlights a unique culture.

Your contribution in this journey will directly support Chandrini’s author and illustrator to help bring her first book of the series, “Chandrini Yogini Goes to… India!” to life!

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Chandra feels truly blessed to have been brought up by open-minded, strong-spirited and well-traveled parents who have continuously been beacons of encouragement, support and love in her life adventures. Chandra was born and raised in the United States, settled in Dubai for a few years after her yoga teacher training (in 2012) and is currently living in her hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. She is teaching yoga and working on her series of children’s books. Chandra has yoga certifications from India, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

Her books are meant to uplift children and inspire them to chase their dreams, as she is doing herself. Throughout her world travels and yoga teachings, Chandra invites everyone and anyone to join her for unique adventures where they can meet new friends, have fun, and try yoga! Explore how Chandrini Yogini uses yoga to help her learn more about herself and the world around her. Free your mind, body and soul and you can enrich your life forever.

Collect all the books in the series and discover Chandrini Yogini’s true joys and life’s riches.

“I want to share the truths about not just dreaming your dreams, but living them too! Dream it, Live it!”